Increase Lifespan of Expensive RV Batteries

RV batteries are expensive and can break down if the charge drops too low or it goes though too many cycles. Solar panels keep the batteries charged whenever the sun is shining and prevents the charge from dropping too low.

Generator Off

Solar panels can replace your generator entirely. Enjoy scenic views and camp sites without the loud rumbling of a generator in the background. Keep the area fresh without any gas exhaust blowing around.

Sleep Better

Solar panels keep your batteries charged, so you can turn off your generator, even at night! Sleep better without a noisy generator keeping you up at night.

Go Boondocking

Ever wanted to take your RV off-grid? With solar, you can! Break free from crowded RV parks and enjoy your boondocking adventure, stress-free!

30% Tax Credit

The federal government offers a 30% tax credit on ALL solar purchases, including RV! Save big and act soon because the tax credit is lowering soon!

RV Solar: What You Need to Know

How Does RV Solar Work?

RV solar is simple! Solar panels, installed on the roof of the RV, generate electricity and charge your batteries. A charge controller is installed between your solar panels and batteries to maximize the amount of electricity going from your panels to your batteries. Your batteries send the electricity through your inverter to convert it to usable AC for your appliances.

How We Install RV Solar Systems

First, we will sit down with you and discuss what your goals for solar are. We will need to know what critical loads need run and how often. Second, we will need to see what roof space we are working with. We understand that all coaches are different, that is why we take the time to customize each system for you. Each panel is securely placed on the roof and attached with stainless steel fasteners. We use a lifetime sealant to ensure there is no leaking. Additionally, where wires are sent through the roof to the batteries, we place them under a stainless steel box that also utilizes the lifetime sealant and stainless steel fasteners.